Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Giveaway of Wick2 in Paperback

As today is the release of Wick2 in paperback and Wick3 in E-Book I will be giving away a copy of Wick2, see below for instructions on how to get a copy.  I should add you can still get Wick1 in E-Book or Paperback and Wick2 in E-book as well.

I would also encourage you to buy the E-Book of Wick3.  I had the privilege of reading a pre-released copy and it is even better than the first two books, and they were great.  Michael Bunker has, again, done a great job of melding current events, real world survival tips and aspects of his book Surviving Off Off-Grid within the story line.  Also, if you have read The Last Pilgrims, the book for which the Wick Series is a prequel, you will see even more connections to that book.  All of this not only makes for an enjoyable read but also one that should make us stop and think about our day and what we are prepared for and what, or who, we place our trust in.

To win your copy of  Wick2 in paperback you need to do the one or more of the following:

I will be collecting names until 6PM (EST) on Monday (3/25/13).  Here is how you can have multiple entries:

  • Leave a comment on this blog post.  
  • Placing a link to the giveaway on your blog and leave a link to your blog post in a comment here.  
  • Sharing this post on Facebook, or share the post that is already there, and mention here or on Facebook that you have done so.  
  • Share this giveaway on Goolge+ and then leave a comment here, or on Google + that you have shared it.
  • Share on Twitter and share here that you did so.

  • That makes 5 ways to enter.

    Again, make sure to leave a comment here, on one of the Facebook posts or on the Goolge+ posts letting me know the methods you have used to enter.  As a note; just liking the Facebook or Goolge+ posts is very much appreciated but it does not count as an entry.

    **This giveaway is limited to the US due to shipping costs**

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