Tuesday, June 22, 2010

NCFIC Road Trip - Oakhurst Stop (6/21/10)

We just returned from spending the weekend in Oakhurst California. We got to Fresno Saturday and then spent the Lord’s Day worshiping with Christ Community Bible Church (CCBC). It was a great time of worship and fellowship.

Then Monday (6/21) after taking a drive around Bass Lake we met at CCBC for some great teaching and fellowship. It is my understanding there were around 240 people, adults and children, at this “NCFIC Road Trip-Oakhurst” stop which was a great turn out especially considering it was on a Monday afternoon/evening. CCBC did a great ob of hosting this event keeping things on schedule and even providing an evening meal between sessions where families could gather to meet together. This was especially appreciated as so often at conferences there is so much to pack in that fellowship can often be cut short but not here.

The sessions were broken down with the men and sons meeting together for the first 2 hours or so and the women and daughters meeting for a tea at the same time. After the initial sessions we all gathered together for a meal then all gathered for a final two talks as one large group.

As I only heard the men’s talks and the final talks I cannot comment on the women's talks but from what I understand they were very good. I will post a link to my wife and daughter’s blog when they get a post up on the women’s part of the meeting. In the first talk Scott Brown spoke on Building a Biblical Family. In his talk Scott, with his usual passion for the sufficiency of scripture, spoke on 12 areas that need to be dealt with to build a biblical family. Those areas are, and I given some, not all, of the scripture references given:

1) Examining Ones Heart to be Sure of Ones Salvation – II Cor 13:5; II Cor 5:17;Matt 7:16
2) Observe the Sabbath Day – Deut 5:12-15; Ex 20; Neh 13; Heb 4
3) Listening to the Preaching of the Word of God - Acts 2:42
4) Celebrating as a Family – Deut 12:12; Ps 127 – 128
5) Doing business with Sin – Job 1:5; Col 3:5
6) Dealing with the “One Another’s” in the church – Eph 4
7) Conducting Family Worship – Ps 78; Jn 4:23-24
8) Praying Family Prayers – Matt 6:33
9) Working Together – Prov 10:4-5
10) Saturating the Family in the Law & Love of God – Deut 6:1-9
11) Studying History Together – Deut 31:7
12) Make a God Centered Marriage – Gen 1:27-28; Gen 2:18; Prov 31

Peter Bradrick then spoke, mainly to the younger men, about the need to see we are in a battle. One of the great points he made is that we so often allow the young to use youth as a time of play while in reality it is the only time they have to prepare for adulthood. This is especially important for believers as youth is a time not for amusement but a time to prepare for the battle. A time that is lost if not used for God’s glory. He also spoke of areas that so often attach to young men. Areas such as: being absorbed in the culture of sports, simply hanging out with other young men accomplishing nothing and also the attitudes of apathy, pride and the pursuit of pleasure. This is a message that needs to be shared and instilled in all young men.

The time with the men was concluded with another message from Scott Brown on “Common Infections in the Family Integrated Church. These were areas that in some form or fashion are in many “Family Integrated Churches” but that should not be there and thus need to be corrected and dealt with in some fashion. The 12 items spoken on, and with explanations of each were:

1) Neglecting the Gospel – the exalting of Christ by “all” of His word
2) Misunderstanding Family Integration – especially in making it the centerpiece of the church
3) Misunderstanding Equipping & Evangelism in the Church
4) Lack of Biblically Qualified Leadership
5) Home Churching – especially as it relates to biblical leadership that scripture points to with regards to the church
6) Doctrinal Confusion
7) Fuzziness in Biblical Womanhood and the Influence of Feminism
8) Disrespecting Authority – often by having no authority
9) Lack of a Love for Scripture
10) Inward Focus that causes a Neglect in Ministry to the Lost
11) Absence of Humility
12) Lack of Love for the Church

After a great meal and fellowship we all gathered together to hear another talk from Scott Brown and Peter Bradrick. Scott spoke first and his topic was on Reformation in the Church. In covering the topic he did so in three sections:

Characteristics of Reformation
1) A Work of God, Not Man
2) Often follows Seasons of Idolatry & Sinfulness
3) Fueled by Desperation
4) Touched off by the Preaching of the True Gospel
5) Propelled by a Hunger for God
6) Outward Changes Followed by the Inward Conviction of Sin
7) Marked by an Unusual Love for Scripture
8) Ignites a Love for the Gathering of God’s People
9) Produces Opposition

Modern Signs of Revival
1) Clarification of the True Gospel & Preaching of it
2) Resurgence of Expository Preaching
3) Doctrinal Awareness
4) Revival of Biblical Fatherhood
5) Large Families
6) Rejection of Feminism
7) Modest Dress
8) Early Manhood
9) Dating Culture Rejected
10) Generational Retention
11) Biblical Counseling Movement
12) A Wave of Books on Family based on the Sufficiency of Scripture
13) Rejection of Evolutionary Speculation
14) New Churches Planted that Reject Age Segregation
15) Censure, Rejection & Persecution

What Kinds of Reforms are the NCFIC Seeking
As the talk went long this section was gone through rather quickly but some of the reforms sought were areas such as the use of the regulative principle and other areas that further promote the items listed above.

Peter Bradrick closed the conference speaking on the youth group culture the church is so enamored with. The NCFIC has been working on a documentary that should be out this year on the subject as well as Scott Brown is putting out a book on the subject. Both of which will in all likelihood meet with resistance because they go against the churches culturally accepted norm even if it is not a biblically supported norm. Peter touched on a number of areas but the picture that was painted was one of the need to return to how God wants youth to be nurtured and discipled which is by equipping families and primarily fathers. I am sure more will be said on the subject as the two new resources from the NCFIC come out.

What a great time this was and many thanks to Christ Community Bible Church for doing a fine job of putting on the conference. If you are ever in the Oakhurst area this is a great church to spend the Lord’s Day.

CCBC Contact info:
Christ Community Bible Church in Oakhurst, California
Oakhurst Community Center
39800 Road 425 B.
Oakhurst, CA 93644
Michael Cox (mcox@sti.net)

If you have an opportunity try and attend one of the remaining NCFIC Road Trip stops.  You can find the the cities still to be visited here.

Here are a few pictures from Monday:

 Scott Brown

 Peter Bradrick

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Defending The Christian Worldview Against all Opposition

Well things have been quite busy and with preparing a sermon each week and work there has not been much time to write. However I do get to drive 30 minutes each way to work and to redeem that time I have been listening to some CD’s by Greg Bahnsen that I think every believer would greatly benefit from.

The series I am just finishing is called: Defending The Christian Worldview Against all Opposition. This set is in 2 parts with Series 1 being called: Weapons of our Spiritual Warfare and Series 2: Destroying all Speculation

Coming from a Presuppositional apologetic framework Mr. Bahnsen does a masterful job of teaching how to defend the Christian Worldview. While there are some terms that may be foreign to those that have not dealt with apologetics, philosophy or logic I think they are explained in a manner that will make them clear. This set is a must for homeschooled families because not only does it teach how to defend the faith but in the process teaches important principles of logic and reasoning that are often sorely missed by many believers.

While there is some repetition between the two Series I think this only helps to further instill the concepts & principles being taught. Also, as you go through the two series you will find previous concepts and ideas being built on so that you are even better equipped. I will be listening to this series again so as to refresh and hone my ability to defend my faith.

One regret I have after listening to this series is that I never got to hear Dr. Bahnsen, and I live in Southern California. While Dr. Bahnsen is with the Lord we still have his teaching and I for one have been greatly blessed by it.

Included in Series 1:
1. Faith or Reason?
2. Faith and Reason
3. Foundational Faith
4. Just the Facts
5. Faith, Facts, and Worldviews
6. What is Philosophy?
7. Types of Worldviews
8. A Critique of Atheism
9. The Unbeliever is a Believer
10. A Quick Course in Comparative Religion
11. Mormons and Muslims
12. Two-fold Apologetic Approach

Included in Series 2:
1. Arbitrary Arguments
2. Inconsistent Arguments
3. Presuppositional Tension
4. Preconditions for Intelligently
5. Proof and Persuade
6. The Evolutionary Worldview
7. The Problem of Evil
8. Competing Religious Claims
9. An Internal Critique of the Koran
10. Circular Reasoning

This series can be bought as a set, here, or individually, here- Series 1 , Series 2