Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Defending The Christian Worldview Against all Opposition

Well things have been quite busy and with preparing a sermon each week and work there has not been much time to write. However I do get to drive 30 minutes each way to work and to redeem that time I have been listening to some CD’s by Greg Bahnsen that I think every believer would greatly benefit from.

The series I am just finishing is called: Defending The Christian Worldview Against all Opposition. This set is in 2 parts with Series 1 being called: Weapons of our Spiritual Warfare and Series 2: Destroying all Speculation

Coming from a Presuppositional apologetic framework Mr. Bahnsen does a masterful job of teaching how to defend the Christian Worldview. While there are some terms that may be foreign to those that have not dealt with apologetics, philosophy or logic I think they are explained in a manner that will make them clear. This set is a must for homeschooled families because not only does it teach how to defend the faith but in the process teaches important principles of logic and reasoning that are often sorely missed by many believers.

While there is some repetition between the two Series I think this only helps to further instill the concepts & principles being taught. Also, as you go through the two series you will find previous concepts and ideas being built on so that you are even better equipped. I will be listening to this series again so as to refresh and hone my ability to defend my faith.

One regret I have after listening to this series is that I never got to hear Dr. Bahnsen, and I live in Southern California. While Dr. Bahnsen is with the Lord we still have his teaching and I for one have been greatly blessed by it.

Included in Series 1:
1. Faith or Reason?
2. Faith and Reason
3. Foundational Faith
4. Just the Facts
5. Faith, Facts, and Worldviews
6. What is Philosophy?
7. Types of Worldviews
8. A Critique of Atheism
9. The Unbeliever is a Believer
10. A Quick Course in Comparative Religion
11. Mormons and Muslims
12. Two-fold Apologetic Approach

Included in Series 2:
1. Arbitrary Arguments
2. Inconsistent Arguments
3. Presuppositional Tension
4. Preconditions for Intelligently
5. Proof and Persuade
6. The Evolutionary Worldview
7. The Problem of Evil
8. Competing Religious Claims
9. An Internal Critique of the Koran
10. Circular Reasoning

This series can be bought as a set, here, or individually, here- Series 1 , Series 2


Thomas S. Barnes said...

I love Greg Bahnsen. I was listening to a talk by Doug Phillips a few years ago and he referenced 'The Great Debate' that Bahnsen did vs. Stein. It was awesome.

That was the first I heard of him. I bought his book 'Always Ready' buthadn't gotten the chance to read it yet.

I Think I may have to purchase this series. I love apologetics. Are you into apologetics?


Thomas S. Barnes

Tony said...

I too greatly appreciate Greg Bahnsen.

I do enjoy apologetics but at times am concerned that it becomes an end unto itself. By that I mean often instead of studying apologetics to have an answer for the faith within (1 Peter 3:15) we study apologetics to win an argument. Our goal in apologetics is to be the proclamation of our faith and especially with “presuppositional apologetics” the proclamation of the priority and foundation of God’s word for everything.

Thomas S. Barnes said...

yes, I can see that. I look at apologetics as more of a tool in my arsenal in evangelism .... to always be ready to defend the faith.

Just got back in town from the baby conference .... it was terrific, life changing. I had the privledge to meet Nick Karavidas. What a terrific family.

Tony said...

Glad you met Nick. We have met a couple times