Saturday, February 23, 2008

Voting and the Bible

In this year in which we are to vote for a new president I have been increasingly concerned by the way many professing Christians decide on whom to vote for.  This is not a liberal or conservative issue as I see professing Christians from both viewpoints seeking out wisdom from everywhere but scripture, or at the least not giving supremacy to scripture.  It seems for some Christians the top priority is for a particular candidate not to win so they will vote for anyone to stop that candidate.  For others the top priority is some social issues and they will vote for that candidate no matter what their views are on such issues as abortion.  What I see from this is that there is a severe lack of trust in seeking scripture for an answer and then trusting in the answer that God gives through His word. 

Now I am not saying that these professing Christians do not claim to use scripture but even if they are close to the correct interpretation there often does not seem to be an issue if a particular candidate does not meet biblical criteria.  Yes, for believers we do need to vote for candidates that meet biblical criteria.  If a particular candidate sees no issue with the killing of innocent life but has good economic principles and even if they can help some disadvantaged people they would be disqualified from a biblical standard for ones vote.  While I may or may not see us as being a Christian nation it would be unconscionable for me not to vote so as that to be an outcome if God so deems it.  By the way, everyone in some manner votes to have their values upheld so why would not Christians do the same.

At the heart of the matter for many Christians is an apparent fear.  This is a fear that a particular candidate may win so many Christians speak of voting for a lesser of two evils.  When did it ever become OK to vote for any evil?  If there are no candidates that meet the biblical criteria then the call would be not to vote for any of the available candidates.  At the end of the day it is better for the church to have a clear conscience before God, a clear conscience based on His word and not subjective feeling, than to have voted for a candidate that God has said is not qualified.

So the question then seems to be what qualifies a candidate.  Well it is not perfection but scripture does give qualifications that believers need to pay attention to when it comes to choosing our leaders.  In the coming weeks, as time permits, I will mention some of these qualifications but the first would be that they are a brother in Christ.  Yes I said a Christian should be voting for a Christian.  Why, as Doug Phillips says in the CD set mentioned below, for starters scripture says that the beginning of wisdom is the fear of the Lord (Prov 1:7) thus it would sure seem wise to vote for one that is not a fool.  Thus voting for one that is not a Christian is not an option no matter their other views. 

The bottom line is we are not to be fearful and toss out scripture simply because we think the worst thing that can happen is a certain candidate would win.  Actually the worse thing that can happen is we have to stand before God and answer as to why we voted for a candidate that God says was not qualified.   Let us hold firm to our confidence in God and follow His guidelines and not some pragmatic plan that in the end denies the sufficiency of scripture and the sufficiency of God in the voting process.

For a sound biblical look at this topic I recommend a CD set by Doug Phillips:  Biblical Principles of the Ballot Box.  He gives a good overview on how we need to decide on whom we vote for.  

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Around the Web and Blogosphere (2/20/08)

Well I was either on a plane or in an airport for 8 hours again today.  The truth is I hardly travel but it seems that lately I have been all over the place for work; today it is Denver on the way to St. Louis.  So, while siting in the airport I looked over the following:

Steve Camp writes: “"God in the Hands of Complacent Sinners"
...the dire need to recover a reverence for God in ministry”  While Steve’s focus is on the emergent folk who have “drank the kool-aid  of the emergent movement” there is a place where this article speaks just as much about the church as a whole.


Mark Dever writes: The Bondage of "Guidance".  I would add that often decisions would be much more clear if we just looked to scripture first.  So often people seek the subjective when the objective answers of scripture stare them right in the face because is many times the last place people look for answers to God’s will in a decision.  Simply because scripture does not say “take X or Y job” it does have clear biblical principles that will greatly minimize our choices.  When the choices are down to the minimum the Sprit of God will be the deciding factor.  Saying scripture is sufficient is not something we are to just say but we are to live as such.


Scott Brown has a great quote from George Whitefield: I Love those That Thunder Out the Word.  In 1739 Whitefield said: “I love those that thunder out the Word. The Christian world is in a deep sleep. Nothing but a loud voice can waken them out of it..” It is expository preaching through all of God’s word that allows it to be “thundered.”  Not just the parts that people want to hear but all of it clearly exposited.  Scott is part of an Expository Preaching Workshop March 7-8 in Wake Forest.  

At the Vaugnshire Farm blog there is a good post, Parallel Economy, by Paul on how the government often hinders free trade among its own people in the name of economics. By far things are not as bad as in many places in the world but never the less the government in the name of economics does hinder free trade and as Paul mentions it may only get more intrusive.  

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Around the Web and Blogosphere (02/12/08)

There is a new wed site called Puritan Library that as a lot of Puritan works you can read online for free. This is a great resource and if you have not had the joy of reading any puritan works this is a good opportunity to do so at no cost, so check it out. I am presently reading John Flavel’s The Mystery of Providence, as part of the Puritan Reading Challenge. It is a great book that will give you a much greater appreciation for God’s works of providence in ones life and help you see how understanding providence does affect how we live the Christian life.

Over at Pulpit Magazine there is a post on Home, Private or Public Schooling? Read through the comments as I find it interesting that when the subject of Christians not using the public schools is broached that many take a defensive position and get upset. I have not always held my current views on public schooling, even while we homeschool our children, but have in the last few years come to see public schooling in light of scripture and can not reconcile the two. I would recommend watching Voddie Baucham’s DVD series, The Children of Creaser and especially part 1 entitled Whoever Controls the School Controls the World. Dr. Baucham gives a sound biblical basis for Christians to not send their children to public school and answers many of the objections to Christian parents pulling children from the public school system.

John Piper writes on: Abraham Lincoln's Path to Divine Providence. He also references an article by Marvin Olasky at World Magazine: Pilgrim Politician. Both of these articles are worthwhile reads. It is interesting to see that the despair of war that surrounded Lincoln drove him to God while Charles Darwin who was born (Feb 12, 1809) on the same day as Lincoln came to an entirely different conclusion when he looked at the world.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Germany Vs. Greece, Philosophy at its finest

And now for something completely different:

Thanks to the Conventicle Blog for reminding me about this video.

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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Let us Gather Together

As I sit in Bradley International Airport (Connecticut) awaiting my flight home to Anaheim (CA) I began to contemplate the passage I am studying for this up coming weeks sermon, in light of last weeks sermon.

How lightly in this individualistic age do we take gathering together! As I continue in my study of Hebrews and get to Heb 10:26-31 I began to think about it’s connection with the preceding “Let Us…..” passages which includes one on stirring up one another by gathering together (10:24-25).

Not that the continual deliberate sinning mentioned in V26 is confined to “gathering together” but it would seem the thought that would enter the original listeners mind would at the least first go back to what was just said (V24-25). But, how many today see avoidance of fellowship with other beliers as a sin? I would suggest that many see it as some sort of necessary bother if even that. That may stem from a number of reasons with the first probably simply being the unregenerate nature of the professing church today. But right up there is the narcissistic preaching of many that is so focused on the individual that a natural consequence would be for the listener to seek ones own desires before that of the community, if there is any time left for community.

This is not to say that God is not interested in the individual but we must realize that a believing community is made up of individuals connected by the blood of Christ. Hebrews, in dealing with perseverance, speaks to this in 3:12-14. We are to care for one another not just physically but also spiritually. How can this be done if we are intent on our own self-interest above all things. Let us” sitr up” (Heb 10:24) and “exhort one another” (Heb 3:13) as we are called to by scripture. Let us gather together not simply to fulfill a duty but as a delight to be with the people of God in the presence of God.

If gathering together feels like it has become a chore, and you are truly a believer, God may have set this dryness as a sign to wrong motives for gathering together. While there is an aspect of being recharged for the week ahead in the world that can come from gathering together it sure seems like the vast number of “one another” verses would say that gathering is for service others rather than primarily self. This dryness may be ones sign to seek the heart God desires when gathering together. It is not a time to quit gathering until the correct motivation arrives but one of a time to continue gathering and repent of the attitude of duty and ask God to give you the delight that should come from obeying God and being with His people.

I pray that while the call to repentance is not always appreciated that you take this as intended because it is with repentance we can gain the joy we are designed as believers to have from communion with other believers. If need be come before God today and ask Him to set your heat as He intends it for this up coming Lord’s Day.

By the way Scott at These are the generations of.. has a good quote from Martyn-Lloyd Jones on going to church from Jones’ book Preachers and Preaching.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Around the Web and Blogosphere (2/1/08)

Don’t forget that all through the month of February that Sovereign Grace Ministries has a sale. All CD’s are $6 as well as reduced prices on some books and music. These prices along with no shipping charges makes for a great deal for great God centered music. If you only want on CD my favorite is the Valley of Vision CD.

John Piper writes: How Shall We Love Our Muslim Neighbor?

The White Horse Inn about a week ago aired a segment entitled: “Joel Osteen: A Case Study in American Religion.” You can listen to or download it HERE. This is part of series they are doing on the church today with other titles such as Christless Christianity and Crossless Christianity. You can listen to or download other shows HERE.

Over at Encouraging Expository Excellence John Brand has a link to a PDF on “rules for correctly handling parables” in his post: Profiting from Parables