Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Around the Web and Blogosphere (02/12/08)

There is a new wed site called Puritan Library that as a lot of Puritan works you can read online for free. This is a great resource and if you have not had the joy of reading any puritan works this is a good opportunity to do so at no cost, so check it out. I am presently reading John Flavel’s The Mystery of Providence, as part of the Puritan Reading Challenge. It is a great book that will give you a much greater appreciation for God’s works of providence in ones life and help you see how understanding providence does affect how we live the Christian life.

Over at Pulpit Magazine there is a post on Home, Private or Public Schooling? Read through the comments as I find it interesting that when the subject of Christians not using the public schools is broached that many take a defensive position and get upset. I have not always held my current views on public schooling, even while we homeschool our children, but have in the last few years come to see public schooling in light of scripture and can not reconcile the two. I would recommend watching Voddie Baucham’s DVD series, The Children of Creaser and especially part 1 entitled Whoever Controls the School Controls the World. Dr. Baucham gives a sound biblical basis for Christians to not send their children to public school and answers many of the objections to Christian parents pulling children from the public school system.

John Piper writes on: Abraham Lincoln's Path to Divine Providence. He also references an article by Marvin Olasky at World Magazine: Pilgrim Politician. Both of these articles are worthwhile reads. It is interesting to see that the despair of war that surrounded Lincoln drove him to God while Charles Darwin who was born (Feb 12, 1809) on the same day as Lincoln came to an entirely different conclusion when he looked at the world.

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