Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Anything for the Gospel. Anything?

How far should we go to get people to come to church? Well I was led to an article that reveals that Abundant Life Christian Center in Texas feels giving a house away is not too far. What does one do to keep them there, pay utilities if they accept the Lord?

How one brings people to church is in general how one keeps them. It is little wonder that the church today is worldly and looks so much like the world that people actually have to be enticed to come. When one neglects the fact that God changes hearts and is the one that sovereignty does so that one has to rely on some sort of gimmick to bring people to church

It is my opinion that it is only a return to the true understanding of how God works that will bring revival in the church. When we neglect that central to the Gospel is God’s giving of Himself that the church will feel that something else needs to be given or promised, maybe even a house.

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