Sunday, February 12, 2006

What Does Truth Matter?

As I was walking by a Barnes and Noble I noticed something in the window that speaks, at least to me, volumes. There, prominently presented, in a window display was large layout of the book A Million Little Pieces. This is the book that has recently shown to contain much fabricated material when it was supposed to be showing the actual happenings of a man in the midst alcoholism, drug addiction, and criminal behavior. Once it was revealed as not what it appeared to be Oprah Winfrey had the author on to speak about this. Winfrey was led to this as she was largely responsible for building up this book and making it a best seller.

The point is that even after it has been revealed to be based on falsehoods it is still being sold and promoted. The world cares little about truth or thinks so little of it that even if a story is fake but gives them some sort of feeling it is OK.

While I realize that it is the state of man’s heart that leads to denying the Gospel we can also from this see why when speaking of truth to people to day it is not all that important to them. This is also why we need to pray for God to work on peoples hearts so they do see truth. Also, churches need to not be enamored by the new emergent look at truth or lack being able to know truth for certain. We, the church, need to preach the truth because in the end the church may be the last refuge of truth as the world spirals further into relativism.

Don’t forget the next big blockbuster movie to hit the big screen will filled with half truths and blatant falsehoods and people will flock too it, The Da Vinci Code.

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