Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Around the Blogosphere

News from around the Blogosphere:

Soulforce is to make a bus tour, I mean Equality Ride, of those colleges and universities that disagree with their views and have what they feel is anti-gay bias.. It would seem that we should be praying for those campuses that are going to as they stand for truth and that they will be firm yet loving in their conversations. Overall this tour is to gain publicity and to try and make out that those schools that stand for what scripture says are intolerant and harmful to society. The goal of the universities should be to do what is necessary to allow as little press as possible and still stand their ground and in the process show the visiting students that scripture denies what they are trying to promote.

Here is a report how things faired at Liberty University.

More and more the church tries to emulate the world in how it draws its consumers, and there is there is the rub, “consumers.” On Slice of Laodicea there is an article that deals with a church that has what would be considered a suggestive billboard that is supposed to draw people to a website and then to church. But in all of this is missed the Gospel and instead the focus in marketing. Is the Bible to be a source of info on our sex lives or to reveal the redemptive plan of God through His son Jesus Christ? There may be info in the scriptures that will help our relationships but all of this is secondary to the life changing effect of the Gospel. At the heart of this is, in my opinion, who one relies on to build the church: us or GOD.

Tom Ascol gives a heads up on what is to be taught at Centrifuge this year and shows that we need to be wary of the content that comes from the SBC as well as other places. I know after reading some different books about children and youth in the 1600’s ( A Token for Children ) and 1700’s ( To the Rising Generation ) it becomes apparent that we are much worse than shallow today we are not even in the water.

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