Friday, May 12, 2006

The SBC President and CP Giving

The question has been raised concerning whether the home church of the President of the SBC should be giving a set percent of it’s undesignated receipts to the Cooperative Program (CP). My first thought is that this sure sounds legalistic if a particular number is given. But, this does not negate the fact that if one is to be the leader of an organization that finances its ministries via the CP then that president should be a supporter of it or make one of his stated goals to change things. The other issue that makes this an issue is that I have read through the blog world, I am trusting what I have read is true, that the SBC executive committee is going to recommend (this is from the Florida Baptist Witness):

…..encouraging tithing by church members, Cooperative Program support and “that we encourage the election of state and national convention officers whose churches give at least 10 percent of their undesignated receipts through the Cooperative Program.”

It would then only seem reasonable that the president support this recommendation by word and deed. I do not know if I agree with the 10% but the new president should be in agreement with proposals given by the people he leads.

I understand the many reasons for not giving to the CP. A church may not agree with how the money is being used or disagree with how it is distributed it. They may even see that funds are better used in foreign and national missions by giving directly to the particular organization (IMB, NAMB). The bottom line is we are called to be stewards of what God has given and if the CP is not the way a church feels it is being a good stewardship then it needs to be the steward they are called to. As this relates to the next president if they do not give a reasonable, whatever that means, percentage to the CP they need to answer why and what needs to be changed for them to raise their percentage of giving.

The article from the Florida Baptist Witness is not to single out Ronnie Floyd but since he is the only stated nominee it is an issue that he needs to answer, as well as anyone else running for the office of president. I pray that the various questions on the internet that have been asked will be answered before the convention but even if they are this does not leave time to interact with the answers. Maybe Dr. Floyd’s answer for such a low level of giving to CP would spur changes, if that is what he sees as being required. I do not think a president has to agree with all that is done at the leadership level as that is how change is brought about but it needs to be known what they see needing to be changed, why it is needed and how it is to be done.

Back to what started this, the next president either needs to fully support the programs of the SBC, such as the CP, through more than words or they need to as one of their goals state the changes needed to allow them to fully support the programs.

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