Friday, September 26, 2008

Demographic Winter

Charley at HomeDisciplingDad has a link to a new documentary called Demographic Winter:the decline of the human family. As far as I can tell this is not a movie produced by Christians but is one that simply looks at the data and sees that the decline of the family is the decline of western society.

What is sad, if you watch the videos trailer, is that it is not just the mindset of secular society, that denigrates family, it is also that of professing believers. While many may profess a care for family, lifestyle often says more about ones beliefs than words.

I encourage you to watch the trailer as even one of the speakers relates how the trends that are being observed are hard to absorb by those, such as him, that have been brought up with the teachings of Thomas Malthus and Charles Darwin. Again this revels that mans wisdom is not wisdom at all but folly. As Charley related: “And don't you hate it when we as a society will suffer for having ignored Him and His laws....”

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