Monday, March 02, 2009


Now someone may have coined this word before but I had not heard it,

1) An economic theory that only makes sense to those on the receiving end of the money flow.
2) An economic theory that even a first grader can see is wrong, as long at that first grader is not being paid off by the system
3) One stage in a move to Socialism/Marxism/Fascism or maybe some other “ism” I have not named
4) Payback for really large campaign contributions
5) Or, another word for “do I just send a blank check to the White House”.

I am sure there are other definitions one can come up with but the main point is that our current president and those around him have their own view on economics and it has nothing to do with sound economic theory and it definitely has nothing to do with scripture.

First of all scripture speaks to the need for one to work or not eat (2 Thes 3:10-12), a far cry from Obamanomics. This is not dealing with not taking care of those who have legitimately lost jobs but speaks to the nature of economy being that people work and things are not are not simply handed to them.

Next, is that it is not the governments or some laws job to care for the needy. Scripture speaks to the government being there to “bear the sword” in protection of the people (Rom 13:1-7). Too many people look at scripture and see that God calls us to help the widow and the poor and neglect to see that these commands are to the church and not to the people in general via the government. Caring for the poor and destitute is a function of the church within God’s design and when done by other means it fails. When the government does not tax the people so that they have no funds they can then, through the church, care for the needy. A simply look at history will show that this works as orphanages were the work of the church who saw the need to care for orphans. It was soon taken over by the state but it was not the state that initiated this care for the needy.

Also, we need to see that God’s design for society entails the use of the standard of God’s law. If we stray from that to our reason and natural law we are left to our own reason that is infected by the sin handed down by Adam. This understanding of God’s design and standard should affect everything from our moral values to our economic understandings.

There are many more places that Scripture informs our actions but the above three are just a start. Let us seek God’s answer in His word not in man. In the recent election the people got their Saul (1 Sam 8:6; 10:17-26) but let us seek the real King.

As I have reviewed before, Kevin Swanson’s The Second Mayflower touches on these points and much more to show that we as a people of God need to look to other than government. We need to look to God as revealed in His Word and be prepared, as the first separatists were on the Mayflower, to do what is necessary to be obedient to God, in all we do.

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