Thursday, July 16, 2009

Around the Web and Blogosphere (7/16/09)

I have been writing about homeschooling lately from a biblical perspective and Israel Wayne at the Blog has posted A Christian Education Manifesto. I am sure you will see many of these verses as I write more on Homeschooling in the future but this a great list all in one place with some commentary on how they relate to our God given responsibility to educate our children.

Dan Ford has written a good article, The Reformed Christian Legacy of Dominion, which shows the tie between the dominion mandate and private dominion. In a country such as ours where the government is increasingly bent on removing private ownership and seeks to have dominion, be sovereign, over the people it is important to see that the founders of this nation did not see things this way. It is also important to remember that when speaking of the founders of this nation one does not simply go back to 1776 but we must continue further into history to the 1600’s to see the original founders as it is their legacy and the legacy they brought with them from the reformation that was integral in the formation of America.

Chuck Baldwin has written an article entitled: Romans Chapter 13 Revisited. This is a good explanation on how we are to view government from a biblical perspective. The only place I may have a question is his use of the term “natural law” as we as believers are to hold to His “revealed law” in all of God’s word. Natural law is not truly able to inform action as we do not find out about such things as property rights from the landscape around us but God’s revealed law in His word can do so. I will be emailing Mr. Baldwin to get a clarification on this as it simply may be a different use of terminology. Regardless of this question this is a great article when we look at all the government is trying to do today as we are not to judge the work of government by our feelings but by the very word of God.

Along the same lines as above Dr. Archie Jones writes in his article The Tenth Amendment and Interposition about the place of government in our society. His last paragraph is so true of our day. Actually I think that many are blindly happy with the government as the sovereign of this nation because they are ignorant of God’s purpose for government and also because they tend to see man as autonomous from God in virtually every area of life. Here is Dr. Jones last paragraph:

“Do enough Americans today understand our rights? Are enough Americans disposed to defend our liberty? Do enough understand the constitutional means of using the powers of the states to defend and recover our liberty? The Tenth Amendment’s statement that the powers not delegated by the people of the states to the central government are retained by the people of the states respectively was meant to make Americans understand our rights and those of our states, to protect our constitutional system of interposition, and so to motivate us to defend our liberty before we let conditions become so dire that we urge our states to resort to our ultimate defense against centralized tyranny”

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