Friday, September 04, 2009

Quote From Francis Schaeffer

This is a very appropriate quote for the age we live in today from Francis Schaeffer that was posted at my sons blog: What They Said:

“No totalitarian authority nor authoritarian state can tolerate those who have an absolute by which to judge that state and its actions. The Christians had that absolute in God's revelation. Because the Christians had an absolute, universal standard by which to judge not only personal morals but the state, they were counted as enemies of totalitarian Rome and were thrown to the beasts.”
Francis A. Schaeffer
(from: How Should We Then Live?)
Does this not sound familiar today? The world hates those who live by the absolute standards of God’s word. We as believers need to realize the hatred the world has for God’s standards and the great lengths they will go to avoid them and not be detered. Sadly many “professing” believers appear to have this same disdain for God’s immutable standards. Let us not be changed by the world but worship God by being conformed to His word by His power (Rom 12:1-2).

P.S. By the way you may want to check out Andrew's blog as there are some very good quotes posted during the week.

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