Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Around the Web and Blogosphere (11/24/09)

At VisionaryDaughters.com they have some good insights as it relates to the Twilight series and the draw it has on many women and girls, even those professing Christ, on their post: How Twilight is Re-Vamping Romance.

Voddie has a couple disturbing videos on the direction Arne Duncan would go with schools in Voddie’s blog post: Education Secretary Arne Duncan in his own frightening words. Duncan couches his talk in words that may sound good to the world that sees the state as messiah but the truth is he is seeking to move the center of life from the family to the school and thus the government. You may also notice that when he speaks of non-profits using the school grounds he does not say who will dictate their agenda as it will undoubtedly be the government. When he mentions family issues he does not seek to correct those problems but instead makes plans to accept those problems and work around them. This all from a man that ran what could be termed a failed school system in Chicago. This man along with his president has an agenda and it is far form biblical.

Steve Camp has a good post, He must increase – I must decrease, with regards to the issue of the cult of personality. I am saddened when churches decide to expand by having satellite churches where the lead pastor is piped in to the service in some form or fashion. I always wonder why the church does not have others to fill that role and why one person needs to be so front and center. But, before we dump the entire problem on the pastor alone remember it is the people that make up the cult and we need to check our fleshly desires at the door so as to avoid this. This is not saying we cannot have a pastor we enjoy to listen and learn from but we always need to make sure it is the word of God that is the draw not the person delivering it.

On the J.C. Ryle Quotes blog they are having a giveaway of a set of his commentaries: Win A Free J.C. Ryle Commentary Set

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