Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Around the Web and Blogosphere (5/12/10)

R.C. Sproul Jr. posts on: What Is Reconstructionism? What Is Theonomy? In many circles, even reformed ones, the mention of “theonomy” or “reconstructionism” raises a myriad of objections but I have found that most of these come from a misconception of what it is. As R.C. states, and others before him have stated: ““Autonomy or theonomy!”……We will either have man’s law, or God’s law and only a fool would choose man over God.”

How far are we in the US from this: It’s Getting Dangerous Out There — A Preacher Is Arrested in Britain. Are pastors, and laymen for that matter, in the US ready to preach the truth, all of it, in the face of prison? If we do not do so now in the face of not much more than ridicule how we will do it when true persecution looms.

At the NCFIC website there is a good message from Jeff Pollard called: The Trap of Family Idolatry. Those that think the NCFIC worships the family should listen to this message as Jeff Pollard deals with what he calls “Familyolatry” and how to avoid it.

Steve Camp writes on: TREASURING THE TREASURE OF GOD'S WORD...the infallible divine plumbline for all matters of life and godliness. He deals with preaching out of the word of God rather than simply out of ones good thoughts and opinions, no matter how correct they may be.


Glenn Leatherman said...

Howdy Tony,
Besides Bahsen, who would you say gives a good overview of theonomy? Also does theonomic theology have a eschatological hope that is centered in the gospel or something else?

Tony said...

Hi Glenn;

For me Bahnsen is one of the best. There are others such as Rushdoony ( ) and even at Vision Forum they have the Theological Bootcamp II CDs ( ) that have some good talks on the subject. You can also download them here: I have also read some things by Daniel Richey that have been quite good ( ).

As with most things theonomy is not monolithic in how it works itself out in everyday life but most all that hold to it recognize the continuing validity of God’s law today, with regards to the civil and moral law since the civil law is simply an outworking of the moral law. Here is a good site with lots of information: .

As far as hope I would say that it is grounded in Christ, as it should be. Theonomy is not where ones hope is grounded but it is grounded in the one that makes the Gospel good news, Jesus Christ. I guess if one has a truncated view of the Gospel they may disagree but the good news, among other things, is that God has called us to worship Him and with that we have ALL of His word to know how that is done, that truly is good news.


Steve Halbrook said...

Hi Glenn,
I would say Daniel Ritchie gives a really good overview of theonomy.

He gives a concise case for theonomy here:

There is also Ken Gentry

Theonomy, which means "God's law," doesn't relate to eschatology, but Christian reconstruction does; a reconstructionist is a theonomist, presuppositionalist, and a postmillennialist. (Of course, both "theonomy" and "reconstruction" are terms that often misconstrued.)

Postmillennialism is gospel centered in that it holds that the Great Commission will succeed--all nations will turn to Christ and be discipled before the second coming, since Christ has all authority in heaven and earth, and He is with the church to the end of the age. Hope this helps,