Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Around the Web and Blogosphere (9/15/10)

Gary Demar writes a good article on the economy at the American Vision site: How to Kill an Economy. In speaking to both government spending and individual spending he ends with this: “Resisting government spending is good and necessary. But more important is resisting our own temptation to spend uncontrollably. Only by effectively exercising self-control we will be able to resist Larry Summers, Obama, and the rest of the socialist crowd in high places.”

Devvy Kidd wrote an article posted at the American Covenanter entitled Beck: Restore America's Honor at the memorial of a white supremacist?. If you have been brought up on a constant dose of Abraham Lincoln as a saint, as I was, and as Glenn Beck puts forth be prepared to be shocked but the challenge is not to ignore what is put forth here but to investigate and seek the truth yourself.

The American View has some good comments by Pastor Joe Morecraft III: Godless Conservatism Has Failed; Time For Christians To Act Like Christians, Proclaim Christ’s Lordship Over Politics, Too:

“Godless, “conservative humanism” is “just as devastating to this country as liberal humanism.” He added that “the time is over” for this kind of secular conservatism saying: “It has stopped nothing!”

Emphasizing the importance of “Christianizing Christians,” he said Christians must start acting like Christians first. This, he said would anger liberals and conservatives.

Civil government is created by God. “Government’s power does not come from the people, he said. “It comes from God! And God is the source of political power, too!””

Check out the latest trailer for IndoctriNation: Public Schools and the Decline of Christian in America

Lastly, contemplate donating to the NCFIC as they work on an important documentary film called Segregation “investigating the problems with modern youth ministry and the solution of biblical youth ministry found in the Word of God.”

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