Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Free Ticket to “Family Strategies: Practical Issues for Building Healthy Families”

If you are interested in winning a free ticket to Family Strategies: Practical Issues for Building Healthy Families leave a comment that you want to be entered by 5PM (PST) Sunday February 27th.  I will be giving away one free ticket to the weekly messages from Doug and Beall Phillips courtesy of Vision Forum and will announce the winner Monday the February 28th and then you can email me your mailing and email addresses and Vision Forum will get you the information you need sign on for your weekly downloads.

If you do not win a free ticket you can still sign up and here are the details on how it works:
Receive a New Family Strategies Message in Your Inbox Every Tuesday!
Get your new Family Strategies message every Tuesday morning.
Beginning March 1, every Tuesday morning for twenty weeks you will receive a link to your new downloadable message from Doug or Beall, hosted at Vision Forum’s partner website To access your first download, simply create a free account and then follow the easy instructions in your weekly emails to download your messages at no additional charge.
Listen to the messages at your convenience on your computer, iPod, or other portable MP3 player. And, don’t worry if you miss a week due to travel. The messages will be there waiting for you.
Order by March 1 and save $10, plus receive two bonus messages as our gift.
At $85, Family Strategies is a 20-message series sent directly to your inbox each week for less than $5 per message. But make sure you order by February 28, as that price will go up! With your order confirmation email, we will also send you coupons to download two important, family-affirming bonus messages for free: Victories: Moments Small and Large Which Define Christian Parenting, and How to Evaluate a Suitor.

A weekly energy boost for the price of a fancy cup of coffee.
For about the price of a fancy cup of coffee, you can get a real energy jolt — a weekly encouragement boost from Doug and Beall in which they share their favorite and best strategies for building family unity.

Topics to be covered:
1.              How to Organize Your Home to Promote Family Unity
2.              How to Cultivate a Love of Reading with Your Children
3.              How to Make Mealtime Meaningful
4.              How to Prepare for a Year of Home Education
5.              How to Take Children Safely Through an Airport
6.              How to Involve the Whole Family in Family Worship
7.              How to Address the Plague of “Jive Talk” in Your Home
8.              How to Encourage Masculinity in Sons
9.              How to Encourage Femininity in Daughters
10.           How to Handle a Social Worker Visit
11.           How to Wage War on Sibling Rivalry
12.           How to Use Household Decorations to Teach Character
13.           How to Talk to Your Children about Miscarriage
14.           How to Involve the Whole Family in Hospitality
15.           How to Build an Entrepreneurial Spirit in Your Children
16.           How to Watch a Movie As a Family
17.           How to Cultivate a Love of Meaningful Poetry with Your Children, and Why Doing So Is Important
18.           How to Prepare Your Children to Listen to a Symphony
19.           How to Take a Road Trip with Your Family
20.    How to Select the Best Locations for Family Vacations


barcak flock said...

We really want to be entered for this! Thanks for the give-away!

Tony said...

As I forgot this post comes up on Buzz as well you can also enter there.

Sonya said...

Enter the Brown family! Thanks for having this giveaway, Tony. God Bless!

The Tool said...

I want it! :)

Carrie said...

The Redman family wants to attend. We would love to win! Many Blessings, Carrie

Tony said...

And the winner is....................... The Brown Family.

If you can send me the following information using the "Contact Me" tab at the top of the page, or even on Facebook, I will forward it to Vision Forum so they can send you the infomrtion for your free entry:
• Name
• Mailing Address
• Email Address

Thanks for everyone entering.