Thursday, October 13, 2011

Around the Web and Blogosphere (10/13/11) – Political Edition

Here are two articles with regards to voting for Ron Paul. What is interesting and useful is both articles are from people that could be said come from basically the same side of the theological tracks: “Should Christians Vote for Ron Paul” by Stephen Halbrook & “Yes, Christians Should Vote for Ron Paul; or why Treebeard Is Not a Good Example for Christians” by Bojidar Marinov.

Some good articles by Bill Einwechter on government and politics: “Government and Jurisdiction” , “Evangelical Political Compromise”, “Government” and “ The Biblical Model for Civil Government.” There are a host of articles at his website, Darash Press, that I would highly recommend reading.

Chuck Baldwin writes on the “Black Regiment” or as some have called the “Black Robed Regiment” which refers to the clergy that spoke up during the countries war for independence: The Black Regiment Led the Fight in Our War for Independence.

Pastor Joe Morecraft III speaks on the issue of religion and politics: Godless Conservatism Has Failed; Time For Christians To Act Like Christians, Proclaim Christ’s Lordship Over Politics, Too

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The Tool said...

Good resources.

On the issue of Ron Paul I am still very undecided. I absolutely like him over anyone else, but Biblically I am still trying to work it out. Right now I am supporting/promoting him.