Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Reformation of Food and the Family Audio

You can get the MP3s and CDs from The Reformation of Food and the Family conference through August 7th.  The sets include 25 of the most popular talks and you can get the MP3 set for $45 and the CD set for $75.

"Please note that these messages are conference-quality. This means that, with the exception of a few edits here and there, you will be hearing exactly what our in-person attendees heard."
The following messages are included in this collection:
  • Food Fight — Doug Phillips
  • Food Emancipation — Joel Salatin
  • A Glorious Vision for Femininity — Nancy Campbell
  • Your Genes Are Not Your Destiny — Dr. Michael Bernui
  • Revitalizing and Reforming Hospitality — Doug Phillips, Nancy Campbell, Foucuachon, Duggar, Bowen
  • Coffee - The Epic History of a Commodity — Joshua Appel
  • A Biblical Overview of the Doctrine of Food — Doug Phillips
  • The Joy of Food in the Christian Home — Francis Foucachon
  • Redeeming the Earth — Joel Salatin
  • What You Need to Know About Detoxification — Gary Powers
  • The Family Feast — Nancy Campbell
  • The Leaf that Changed History - Twice — Bill Potter
  • Local Food to the Rescue — Joel Salatin
  • Practical Tips for Feeding a Large Family — Michelle Duggar
  • What is Making Me Sick? — Dr. Michael Bernui
  • Raising Food Without Getting Sued — Don Hart
  • What We Can Learn From the French About Food — Francis Foucachon

  • The Seven Pillars of Exceptional Health — Gary Powers
  • Ladies's Symposium on the Power of the Family Table — Nancy Campbell
  • Food Heresies in the Media and Your Local Church — Doug Phillips
  • Food as Medicine — Phillips, Zes, Fulmer, Torres, Thomas, Savery
  • Frugality and Health — Phillips, Coghlan, West, Thomas
  • Food for Thought in the Life of a Young Woman — Duggar Ladies
  • Listen to Your Grandmother, Not the FDA — Phillips, West, Zes, Thomas, Frisch
  • Nutrition in Fitness and Weight Management — Mo Gill      
  • A Vision of Victory for Reform — Doug Phillips, Gary Powers, Don Hart, Dr Michael Bernui, Francis Foucachon, Todd Frisch, Sanders, Potter

So again the MP3s are $45 and the CDs are $75.  There is a wealth of information in these talks on subjects I am sure many have not heard talked about at Christian conferences but if all we are to do is to be done to the glory of God, and it is, then should not food be included.  This then entails looking to God's word to see what He has to say on the subject as His word is to be our final authority on all things.  Listen, Enjoy and be challenged.

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