Thursday, September 15, 2005

Are Acts of Nature in God's Will?

Here is an article that speaks of a Rick Warren interview on Good Morning America. It seems that not only is God somehow not involved in natural disasters but they are also not necessarily His will. It seems that once a Christian leader is in front of the press they can not get themselves to rely on scripture as it may upset people. But the truth is scripture will upset people, but it is the uneasiness that is created that God often uses to reveal Himself.

Also, interesting that in Rick Warren’s comments he moves from a natural disaster to “free will.” What do the two have in common here as it does not really answer the question of God’s part in Hurricane Katrina? Of course I am sure many of those faithful “Purpose Driven” devotees will nod in agreement instead of asking what scripture says.

I think the “Down Grade” of Spurgeon’s time that has been ebbing in for some time is now fully upon us. It seems most of those Evangelical pastors, not all thankfully, that are prominent find it more palatable to minimize the hard sayings of scripture for greeting card platitudes. But as in Spurgeon’s time even in the midst of this minimalizing of God’s word we can still know God is in charge regardless of the claims of what the pundits proclaim in the news.

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