Saturday, September 24, 2005

Catechism for the Semi-Pelagian

Was led to this: Semi-Pelagian Catechism.

It is funny unless it is how you view things. Here is an example of one of the catechisms:

19. Q: What are the means given whereby we may save large crowds of souls in a spectacular manner?

A: Such a spectacle is accomplished by means of well-publicized Crusades and Revivals which (in order that none may be loath to attend) are best conducted anywhere else but in a Church.

Much food for thought as some may not see this as humorous and to tell the truth there is a side of me that does not see this as funny because it does represent some people beliefs.

Catechism #1 speaks volumes to who is supreme man or God in the semi-pealgian view of things:

1. Q: What is the chief end of each individual Christian?
A: Each individual Christian's chief end is to get saved. This is the first and great

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