Monday, April 10, 2006

Monday Travels Around the Blogosphere

Tom Ascol at the Founders blog is looking at submitting a resolution at this years SBC meeting regarding a resolution on church discipline and integrity in reporting statistics.

Here are updates on Lakeshore Baptist Church in Lakeshore Mississippi.

At Together for the Gospel C.J. Mahaney writes on: The Gospel.

Here is a review of Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God which is a great book on showing how evangelism and the sovereignty of God or intimately connected.

This is probably not the usual sermon you would hear on an Easter morning in the society which we live in as it may offend someone: Spiritual Resurrection by C. H. Spurgeon. Here are some comments on the seron at Pyromaniacs.

Speaking of being offensive, at Old there is an article entitled: The Gospel Offends Because it is Intolerant of Sin.

A pastor kissing goats? Is this telling or what? Kissing goats, where are the sheep?


Matthew said...

I'm interested in how the Bible talks about the sheeps and the goats. I'm not really acquainted with the natures of literal sheep or literal goats.
I know that sheep tend to follow. Is a goat (and I'm talking about physical goats, not the spiritual ones in the bible) by nature "recalcitrant?"

Matthew Swartz from Walnut Creek, California (about 20 miles northeast of San Francisco)

Tony said...

I did read somewhere that sheep in general are gentle, quiet and easily led while goats are pushy, self-sufficient, and headstrong. At the minimum the difference is that Christ is spoken of as the Shepherd and thus the sheep are His and the goats are not as Matt 25:31-34 speaks of .