Monday, April 17, 2006

Two Good Articles

Here are two good articles that I have come across recently:

First is one in Modern Reformation called: Without Excuse by Michael Horton
This deals with people’s struggles with the what it takes to be saved and how to answer ones co-worker that is asking questions.

How do we deal with objections to the claim that Jesus is the only way?
How much does one have to know to be saved?

This second article is in Christianity Today : Nothing But The Blood by Mark Dever
This article looks at the atonement and answers many of the objections, not simply by an unbelieving world, but by the church as well. This is a subject that is under attack from those seeking to reinterpret Paul to those just plain offended by the concept and wanting to create an alternative answer to the plain reading of scripture which is all too often reinterpreted by outside writings and cultural shifts.

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