Thursday, January 18, 2007

Where do you find your joy?

Over at Home Discipling Dad in his post called Joy!!! he comments on a conversation between Kevin Swanson, who heads up the Colorado Homeschool Association, and Steve Maxwell on preparing sons to be single income heads of their families. Here is the link to download the MP3.

One of the areas that was spoken of was simply in saving money and how if our joy is found in entertainment that is where our money will go. So when the money runs out for entertainment so to will the joy we think we find in it.

But even bigger than this is that in many ways we, by finding joy in entertainment, trade the spiritual capital we should be seeking for secular, or to use good old puritan language profane, capital. (By the way I think if we used the word profane more often we might be more inclined to avoid such things.) We only have so much time and in this day and age a vast majority of it, for both Christians and non-Christians, is spent in and on entertainment. We seriously, me included, need to re-evaluate how we use the time God gives us each day.

It is at least something we should contemplate as where we truly find our joy is not only something we are to proclaim but it is to be reflected in what we do, which includes what we spend.


Charley said...
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Charley said...


I am honored that you would find my musings worthy of inspiring a post on your blog. I am even more honored that you would include my little blog in your blog-roll next to people like Steve Camp, Tim Challies, and Team Pyro.

May God use the musings on both of our blogs to inspire people to draw near to Him as their only joy!