Monday, January 29, 2007

Worshiping Together as a Family

Charley at HomeDiscipling Dad sent me a link to a great article by John and Noel Piper on having children in the worship service called: The Family: Together in God's Presence.

The article touches on many of the things I have mentioned and also gives some particle suggestions as to how things can work with having children with you in the service. I would suggest reading the article and praying as to how God would have you view children worshiping Him as part of the family/community rather than simply sending them off to some extraneous activity, no matter how spiritual you may try and make that activity.

I truly believe that those who have sought to make life easier and more “worshipful” (whatever that means) for adults will have to answer to God for their denying children the glory of worshiping with the family and the community of faith as a whole. Children would best learn how to worship God by them seeing actual worship taking place by adults and specifically their fathers and mothers.

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Charley said...


For those who may not be aware, Piper pastors a church of over 4000 now, and the idea of having children attend the service with their parents still applies. So, even if your reader is not attending a smaller, family-integrated church, these principles still apply...and you as a family can apply them, even if the church as a whole doesn't advocate having children in the service.