Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Are you homeschooling or schooling at home?

Matt Bullen of Blessed Families Ministries has an article on his blog entitled: Are you homeschooling or schooling at home? Do we homeschool to keep our kids away from bad stuff and to give them a better education, neither of which are necessarily bad, or do we homeschool because we see it as that which most pleases God.

One may accomplish both of the first two reasons if you start with the main reason being to obey and glorify God. However it is possible to see the first two reasons as prime and never accomplish the third reason, pleasing God. As homeschoolers we need to answer the “why” question and as Christian Homeschoolers the answer needs to rest on God and His revealed word. I am one who has taken a while to come to this realization as I constantly was concerned about if our kids were learning enough. But when I came to the realization, through scripture and things I read and heard, that the goal of homeschooling is to raise children that seek after God and that the educational aspect, from the worlds perspective of education, was secondary.

Here is an example of a question you can ask yourself: Why do we teach children to read and write? From a Christian world view it should not be to win a spelling bee or some writing award but foremost it should be so they can read, understand and convey God’s word to others. We need to do our best at all we do but my concern is that our best is all too often defined by the world and not by God.

I look forward to Matt’s next installment and I pray you will ask yourself why you homeschool. I believe that if you can come to an answer for homeschooling that is biblically based much of the usual pressures that are felt will be greatly diminished.

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