Monday, February 05, 2007

How much do we value GOD?

I was thinking this weekend as I was reading some statistics on the largest worship event in the US, the Super Bowl, about how much do we truly desire to worship God. In our local paper it was stated that the face value of a Super Bowl ticket, I am supposing this was the cheapest one, was $700. That made me wonder, would we place that same value on simply coming to worship God. Would we pay that much or more to come and be in His presence? I do not mean would we pay that much if the preaching was great in delivery, the music was inspiring in presentation, and the feeling generated was uplifting. No, I mean would we give all too be in a place that glorifies God simply by putting forth the word of God with out all of the bells and whistles so often added on today to entertain. Does our greatest pleasure come from God or from the things we do to try and generate pleasure for God?

We, me included, need to contemplate how much we value God. What would we give to worship Him? Would we give what the world worships most, our autonomy, ourselves, our possessions? I live near Disneyland and I see people that appear to have given much of what they have financially to spend a day or two with Mickey would we give even more to spend any time with God. Think about how much you value God and not just in word but in deed. Do our actions portray what we proclaim or do we as believers show that we are not much different than the world in what we value most.

Pray that God gives us a desire to worship Him simply because He is God and that we do not need to somehow be entertained into worshiping Him. Because remember that even thought the narcissistic mantra of the world is that “it is all about me” we need to always remember as believers that “IT IS ALL ABOUT HIM.”

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