Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Dog Fighting is a Choice

I have written a little on this once before but every time I hear the outrage concerning Michael Vick and the allegations of being involved in Dog fighting I cannot help but think about abortion. I hear how people think it is atrocious and even the NFL commission called it incomprehensible. But how can people think that this is so bad and look the other way on abortion? I am not saying that dog fighting is OK, it is not, and my title was just for effect but dog fighting and all it includes comes no where near what abortion is and does.

I am going to try a new question to people and see what their answer will be and if for nothing else than to maybe get them to think. How about asking what they think about Dog Fighting and all of the coverage of it in the press lately. I am pretty sure that many will find the dog fighting, and rightly so, unconscionable. But then ask them what they think of abortion. If as we are told by many that we should not intrude on abortion because it is a personal choice then so also ask “is not dog fighting”.

Also, if one were to simply try and play the unborn child is only a fetus or tissue blob card then your next comment should be that regardless of how you view the sanctity of life and if the unborn child is actually to be considered a life scientific proof has shown that at a very early stage in development the unborn child experiences pain and other sensations. The disgust from dog fighting comes from the pain and death inflicted on helpless animals, well I would say an unborn child is much more helpless and worthy of our concern. Again all of this is first and foremost to try and put abortion in a clear perspective of which those that are supposedly Pro Choice, even they do not like to use the word abortion, have successfully for the most part clouded. We as believers need to care for all life and so we should care for animals but we are to have greater care for human life which was created after the likeness of God.

Pray that even this situation can be used as a spring board for conversations that help people to see inconsistencies in their worldview. Pray also that God would use situations such as this as a means for Him to open peoples hearts to Himself.

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