Friday, July 27, 2007

Links to Chapter Reviews of Family Driven Faith

I realized that I had not linked back to previous chapters that I had reviewed, for those that are interested, so I added them to the last chapter I reviewed. So as to have them all in one place here again are links the chapters I reviewed in Voddie Baucham’s new book Family Driven Faith.

Chapter 1- The Lay of the Land
Chapter 2- A God with No Rivals
Chapter 3- Learn to Love
Chapter 4- Give Him Your Heart
Chapter 5- Teach the Word at Home
Chapter 6- Live the Word at Home
Chapter 7- Mark the Home as God’s Territory
Chapter 8- Enjoy the Gifts Without Forgetting the Giver
Chapter 9- The Coming Revival: Is the Church Ready for Family Driven Faith?
Chapter 10- A Radical Departure From the Norm

As I have said before, I highly recommend this book and pray that it challenges you as it has me.

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