Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Around the Web and Blogosphere (01/15/08)

Don’t forget you can still join The Puritan Reading Challenge. It’s never too late to read the Puritans.

Scott at These are the generations…. linked to a good article at Reformation Theology entitled: Growing in Grace & Conscious of Sin. The recognition of sin in our live can be a source of assurance rather than doubt. As we grow in Christ we will more and more recognize that which displeases God and previously pleased us. God makes us conscious of our sin so that we can have an ever increasing “distaste” for it.

At Equipping Christians Ministries they have a page that sheds some light on Basic Mormon Doctrines. In doing this they help to show how the words used by Mormon’s do not align with orthodox definitions of the very same words.

At OldTruth.com Jim revels that someone has actually based a paraphrase on a paraphrase: Paraphrasing Relevance: Pop Goes The Bible.

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