Monday, January 21, 2008

Worships Now - Worship Later

As I was studying Psalm 63 this last week in preparation for Sunday last I was struck by how David did not simply out of the blue put aside all of his worries and turn to God but all that he did was a result of a life of worship. How we worship God now will greatly influence how we worship Him later. If we simply see God as a vending machine or bodyguard we will be disappointed when in the midst of a trial things do not turn out as we like

However, if we as David did, turn to God on a daily basis simply to worship Him as our Lord then when we are faced with troubles we can still cling to God, the one who sustains us (Ps 63:8). David in the midst of being hunted down by his son Absalom (2 Sam 15:13-37) in the wilderness does not turn to God and say “oh woes me, why me God” but instead as he had done many times before simply called out to God as his God and that in all of the mess he was in what was most important was that he sought after God.

The passage eloquently compares the physical with the spiritual in that David desired God more than food and water. Not just any water but the passage speaks of what would have been thought of as the finest food. He desired God so much he describes himself as panting or thirsting after Him. Remember his son is after him and it is not to borrow the car but to take his life and he still saw God as most important.

The message is that in whatever trial that God has we are to turn to Him. Not simply to have the trial subside but to instead simply be with God. This attitude of worship is one that is cultivated in times that are not as troubled. A true attitude of praising God on a constant basis will be instrumental in going through the valleys of darkness that we all face in various ways.

Our priorities now will greatly influence how we react to times ahead. If our priority is God then in times of trial He will be our priority then. If we are satisfied by stuff and then struggles ensue when stuff is hard to come by we will not be reaching out for God but we will be reaching out for things that we think that God can provide. David simply sought to cling to God, the God who sustained and supported Him.

My prayer for myself and for others is that I would truly cultivate a practice of worship now that will influence my life and the life of others later.

If you would like a copy of this weeks sermon you can either go to the church sermon page and click on Psalm 63 or you can go directly to Sermon Cloud and listen to. or download. it there: Worship Now-Worship Later

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