Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Around the Web and Blogosphere (3/26/08)

James McDonald writes on: Abortion Illogic. He also has a pretty cool video on the site as well.

Speaking of abortion. I would recommend watching Doug Phillips talk from the History of the World Mega Conference on the Mayas. This talk spoke of the great achievements of the Mayas and their brilliance in astronomy, mathematics and other areas but it also spoke of their great violence, especially themselves. If we look at their history we see a great nation by many accounts but their great lack of biblical morality and thus the ability to sacrifice their own people and children eventually led to their being wiped out, by themselves no less. We as a nation can boast any number of great things such as technology but our moral base is such that we will sacrifice millions of children for the cause of personal comfort. Is the future of the US to be the same as the Mayas or can we regain the moral compass of the bible and avoid destruction? By the way the other DVD’s in the collection are very good as well.

Dr. Albert Mohler writes: Has the Notion of Sin Disappeared? In this article he notes that: “Perhaps the most interesting angle on the story is the fact that the secular world seems to understand that something has changed when it comes to the preaching of many churches and the beliefs of many who call themselves Christians.” What a sad commentary when the world notices the minimization of sin and the professing church does not seem to.

I recently read an article by N.T. Wright on Christianity Today’s web site entitled: Heaven is not our home. If his goal is to lead people to live the life we are called to now and not just sit back and wait for Christ’s return there are others ways to do this. If one simply reads Hebrews 11 you quickly see the motif with Abraham of him being an alien and stranger that is looking to a promised home, heaven. It was this look to the future promises that was the impetus for his living in the present as it is to be for us. It appears that Wright’s presuppositions about the central mission of the church have driven his understanding of scripture. Yes we as believers are to live as scripture calls us and thus should be salt and light in the world but that does not necessitate tossing out a view that Heaven is our true home and to look forward to that as Abraham did. Again, it is the look to the future promises of God that fuels our present journey that God has us on.

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