Sunday, March 09, 2008

Homeschooling in California

As many of you may already know there was recently a court ruling that if upheld would prohibit homeschooling unless the parents homeschooling are certified teachers.  Even with this stipulation one has to ask if this means certified for a particular grade and thus it would still limit families from homeschooling.  There are many working on this case to either have the case over turned or “depublished” which would not allow it to be used as precedent and thus less of an issue.  Based on published reports this ruling could affect 160,000 families and possibly more so it is no small matter

What is disturbing in all of this is the mindset of the judiciary that parents have no right to school their own children as they see best for them.  If this is not socialism at its finest I am not sure what is.  If people think that this is a problem of a liberal state such as California they need to understand that the outcome of this case will effect just about everyone as it will create a precedent for every state that has similar feelings.

While this may have caught many people by surprise we should not have been surprised that something like this would not happen eventually.  I simply look at the school systems and the legal system has shown a propensity to lean towards removing parental rights and handing them over to the state.  This is also not only an issue with the state but also with the Federal Government as seen by many leanings toward socialism and thus the governments feeling that it is better prepared to care for children than their parents.

Am I fearful of all these happenings.  Not really, I know that I am called by God’s Word to homeschool and thus I also know God has a plan in all of this and if that plan is that my family has to move then so be it.   My concern is that many in other states will not take notice of this and simply wait until something similar happens.  We should not expect the world to understand the things of God so why would we expect them to understand homeschooling from a biblical context.

I ask that you pray for the numerous homeschool families in California.  Pray that we will do what is biblical and if at the end of the day that is to vacate California so be it as answering to God for what we do is much more important than answering to the state.

Here is a petition you can sign with regards to this situation:  HSLDA Petition

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Brandon Schoenberger said...

Craziness. I will be praying. Socialism is scary and it is starting to hit way to close to home.