Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Discount on “The Second Mayflower”

Until December 12th you can get Kevin Swanson’s The Second Mayflower for $19.95, that’s 20% off. When you buy the book online using the coupon code SAVE20 from the Generations with Vision resource store.

"Four hundred years ago, a ship landed on the shores of New England bearing a fledgling band of people, committed to living life by the principles of God's Word. This people eventually formed a nation conceived in liberty and blessed by God.

Now four hundred years later, their vision has almost faded. Liberty is dying. Humanism dominates. The family, by all indices, has disintegrated. But there still beats within the hearts of a remnant in this nation, the principles of the First Mayflower. In this 300 page manifesto, author Kevin Swanson lays out a vision by which the values of faith, family, and freedom may be salvaged for at least one nation for future generations. The voyage of the Second Mayflower is just beginning."

Also, if you have not already and wish to, you can read my review of this great book from an earlier post: Review of The Second Mayflower

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