Monday, August 31, 2009

Does the World See God with Us?

Yesterdays text at SGCF was Gen 21:22-34 which reveals that Abimelech saw God was with Abraham and begs us to ask the same question of ourselves: Does the World See God with Us? Does the world observe that our lives are different and that difference being our relationship with God. This is not simply about people seeing different actions but seeing them in such a way as to acknowledge that the difference is that God is With Us.

I truly believe this only happens when we live by the all sufficient Word of God. When we are obedient to His word by His power the world will notice. We do not have to try and be different as if we just seek to live as God commands that will stand in stark contrast to the world around us and be noticed. Now this notice may bring a blessing such as with the treaty with Abraham and Abimelech or it may bring the blessing of persecution as the Apostles and the martyrs down through the ages have experienced. But a life lived that reflects God is with us will be noticed.

Living a life that is seen by the world as revealing God is with us is a life of worship to the one that has called us to Himself. Let us live such a life.

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