Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Sufficiency of Scripture 2009 Conference

Today there are many battles that are being waged by the church. There is the battle to maintain what the gospel message is as many try and hijack its true message with their own ideas, often ones that align with the world’s goals and objectives rather than God’s. The family is under attack from not only the world but sadly even the from within the professing church. The relationship between God’s law and His people and the world in general is attacked daily but again not simply from without but also from within. I am sure you can name other battles that you see happening daily but there is an even greater battle. That battle is for the sufficiency of scripture

Many have fought for the inerrancy of scripture but to stop there is to fall woefully short. Simply having a revelation from God is inadequate if that revelation is not seen as sufficient for what it was intended, to direct and guide all of life such that our lives are lived as acceptable worship of God. Another reason the battle for the sufficiency of scripture is of supreme importance is that it affects how you fight all other battles. It affects how you live all of life. You will either live by the very word of God or you will live by your own understandings and that is not a place a believer should be. For the church to fight the decline of the world we live in, and it is a fight, we need to make sure we are doing battle by the standards set forth by God in His all sufficient word. Thus the sufficiency of Scripture is the main battle ground and we must regain the ground the church has lost so that we and future generations will be equipped to fight and claim the victory that God promises and thus offer up the worship He requires.

The National Center for Family Integrated Churches (NCFIC) will be having a conference, Sufficiency of Scripture 2009:Practically Applied for Church & Family, December 10-12 at the Northern Kentucky Convention center in Covington Kentucky (just outside of Cincinnati Ohio). They have a great line up of speakers : Scott Brown, Ken Ham, Doug Phillips, Kevin Swanson, Joe Morecraft, Voddie Baucham, Andy Davis & Paul Washer. Below are links to information on the conference :

About the Conference
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