Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Around the Web and Blogosphere (10/07/09)

The Continuing Collapse: October 2009 by Bruce Shortt Exposing Government Schools: The Youth Ministry of the State Church of Secular Humanism. A look at government run schools for those that still think that it is OK for believers to send their children to these halls of humanistic indoctrination.

Paul Vaughn links to an article and video by the BBC on large families in his post Fighting the ‘Contraceptive Mentality’. The article by the BBC is in general complimentary as opposed to many other articles written about large families.

Israel Wayne has a good post, Christian Schools vs. Homeschooling, where he looks at the question that follows after one realizes that the government schools are not where their children should be. All too often Christian parents assume that if a school is “Christian” it is OK but not only is that assumption often incorrect it still avoids the core issue of parents discipling their children in all areas of life and not turning that God given duty over to others.

Scott Brown at the NCFIC is starting an Elder Discipleship program that would be of use to many churches trying to train up their men to be Elders. Check out the site and see the great thought that has been put into this resource.

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