Friday, October 30, 2009

Coming to a Town Near You

Here is a video of a British couple who were arrested for arguing against Islam.

Here is a British couple who were questioned by police after making comments against homosexuality.

Before you think these things could not happen here think again. The new hate crimes bill recently signed by President Obama is vague enough that it is not too hard to imagine someone complaining about the truth of God’s word being hateful and thus being illegal. What is interesting is that it seems the idea of something being hateful only flows in one direction, against Christianity, as many make hateful comments against Christianity but that is to be considered free speech.


Rev said...

Im curious to know more details about the case with the couple arguing against Islam.

If the report is accurate what they said is not only highly offensive, it is blasphemous in Islam. Im not saying that makes it a hate crime. But can you imagine entering a hotel to have the hotel owner blaspheme your religion in your face in order to provoke you? Its one thing to speak frankly to a friend, but to say that to a customer... really... why do we feel like we need to defend people like this?

Tony said...

It does not seem, at least from the report, that they provoked the Muslim but were in a debate where they spoke freely. My point is with the recent hate crime bill signed by Obama this is not far from reality here.

The truth is the beliefs of islam are blasphemous to Christians but we are not supposed to say anything. I do not know the specifics of the case but the broader context is that it is interesting how scared we are to speak out against Islam but Islam can blaspheme God by propagating their beliefs.

So if the hotel owners were provoking the muslim,even with the truth, that would not be proper. Even though it would be right to share the gospel with them. But from the video that is not clear.

Again, I guess my question is why does a government protect or defend the beliefs of Muslims because they feel their god has been blasphemed but if the true God is blasphemed by the teaching of another religion we are not to say anything.

Rev said...

Everyone knew Paul was saying that the hellenistic gods were no gods at all. But no one could accuse him of blaspheming Artimus. I take that as a good missiological example. Propagating a christian world-view will tear down false religions by implication. Likewise, promoting a false religion or gospel blasphemes the true God by implication.

That just happens when there is a free market of religion and the government doesn't intrude on our conscience. And that is something I am willing to defend and speak up about.

I just see a difference between that and purposefully hurling insults and giving nasty names to the founder of someone's religion.

Tony said...

I agree we should not indiscriminately throw insults around but if in the process of speaking on any religion we have to proclaim their leader as a false prophet that should not be avoided so as to not hurt the other person’s feelings or offend their beliefs. Yes we need to do all things in love but at the same time love does not mean avoiding truth. This is about the truth and the truth will not only set us free but will often bring persecution because it blasphemes the gods of the world.

The truth is I think we do not take God as seriously as we should. Often I think that Muslims see take false god more seriously than we do the true God as all too many professing believers use god’s name in vain and have no issue watching entertainment, and I often fail here, that blaspheme God. What if we took God as seriously as other false religions did?

So, I agree we do not need to hurl insults but I do think that often the truth, even in love, will be seen as insulting. Again my reason for the video was not the specifics but that even here in the US we need to be ready to find persecution for sharing the truth, regardless of how it shared.