Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Around the Web and Blogosphere (2/2/10)

On the American Vision’s site is an excerpt from Joel McDurmon’s book God versus Socialism: A Biblical Critique of the New Social Gospel called What is the State? One can know who their, or others, God is by who or what they put their trust in and for many that is the state. We live in a time when the state is seen as the solution to all man's problems and God is seen, if at all, as a fall back plan. The state does have a place in God’s economy but it is not the position and place it holds in the US and much of the world today.

While I am sure the substance of these sermons may be difficult for some I think Pastor Weavers Sermons on the Civil War are a must hear. Whether, when you are done with the series, you hold to his views or not the material he provides is that which must be dealt. Since most history is written to broad brush the Civil War so as to make the South bad and the North good and the war being all about slavery Pastor Weaver will shed light on aspects you may not have heard or contemplated. You can download the 14 sermons here. I would also recommend his sermon on the Black Robed Regiment that speaks on the part pastors took in the revolutionary war and stands in stark contrast to today’s call for churches to sit on the sidelines when it comes to politics.

If you like the music of Sovereign Grace Music they are having a great sale this month. The music they produce is $6 for CDs and $5 for downloads, also for orders over $15 shipping is free in the US.

If you would like a source of articles on soteriology check out Caleb’s blog Biblical Soteriology. There are many great articles there.

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