Friday, March 12, 2010

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For those of you like our family that were not able to attend, and even those that did, the Family Economics Conference put on by Generations with Vision the audio of the sessions is not available. You can get the MP3s of all 19 talks for $34.95 or the CD’s for $54.95. If you are more visual and would like to see the speakers you can DVD’s of 10 of the talks for $74.95 or they have a package deal for the CDs, MP3s and DVDs for $109. We have ordered ours and are very much looking forward to listening to them and I will post more on them once I have listened to the talks.

With the census fast approaching and the government further intruding into our homes here is article with at least one option for the census: Census Law. Also here is a link to Kevin Swanson sharing some thoughts on the census: Guns and Census:Honor to Whom Honor is Due. We all have to make our own decisions but one thing is clear, especially with the extended survey some may get, the government wants to know about you. This is clearly not one of its functions as Romans 13 shows but it is simply the direction the state heads when it sees itself as god. But, the true God already knows us, even the hairs on our head (Matt 10:30), and does not need a census to know these things.

The March Welcome to the Continuing Collapse (Exposing Government Schools: The Youth Ministry of the State Church of Secular Humanism) by Bruce Shortt has been posted.

Many in the professing church today have no problem separating Christ from government. However, Romans 13 says that government officials are to be ministers or servants of God and thus as believers should we not want to vote for the most biblically qualified men to be those ministers? Can God use the pagan for His purposes,of course. But our duty as believers should be to have godly qualified men as leaders, men who seek Christ and His will first and foremost. As this article articulates: It is Insanity Without Christ and presently many in the professing church are continually voting for insanity.

As a reminder: At Vision Forum until March 12th there is a sale on a great History Resource, The Expanded History of the World Mega-Pack Curriculum. We have a few of the items in this set and they are very good. The entire set includes 10 DVD's, 64 CD's and a Study Guide. The sale price is $165 which is 55% off.

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