Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kevin Swanson on Eschatology

Eschatology – One Big Rat Nest from Kevin Swanson on Vimeo.

You can also get the audio here.


Thomas S. barnes said...

Is the typical millinnial view of reformers Amillennialism? I come from a 'Pre' view. I listned to the audio by Kevin Swanson. I agree will his comparisons that the Kigdom has definitely grown from the originial 12 to where we are today. I think my comparison would be more short term .. something like the last 100 yrs and see how the growth has occurred. This being among faithful Christ followers ... I know in the West everyone is saved and going to Heaven.

I love Kevin Swanson's ministry.

I enjoy your blog.

Tony said...

You know I am not entirely sure as I have read it said that they were Postmillennial and in other places that they were Amillennial. Since the views are fairly similar in that they are both post-millennium, that is Christ retunes after the millennium, I think that may be where the confusion lies. You have to read each one individually to see what they held closer to. From my readings it seems to me that most were more Postmill than Amill but that is only my opinion but there were very few Premillennials, I cannot think of any.

I too greatly enjoy Kevin Swanson'sministry.

Grace and Peace,