Monday, July 05, 2010

Around the Web and Blogosphere (7/5/10)

Theological Mediations is a good blog that I recently came across. You can find what the owner of the blog describes as; “primary source documentation that involves my exploration into the revealed will of God as viewed in Calvinistic history.”

You can be praying for a couple families; Pray for the Harris family as Greg Harris’ wife, Sono, was called home to Jesus yesterday. Also keep Joni Eareckson Tada, and her husband Ken, in your prayers as she deals with her cancer. I would also recommend reading an article I read some time ago and one that Joni has linked to on her site entitled: "Don't Waste Your Cancer" by John Piper.

At The New Geneva Leadership Blog there is a good article by Stephen Halbrook called: The Bible Opposes Socialism. The point made in the article are:
1) The Bible’s civil code does not authorize socialism.
2) Socialism violates the Bible’s commands against partiality
3) Socialism is a form of public slavery
4) Socialism is a form of covetousness
5) The New Testament does not sanction socialism
6) Socialism is idolatrous
7) Socialism is symptomatic of a lack of faith in God
8) Socialism opposes “The Golden Rule”
9) The Book of Acts does not support socialism

You can check out the NCFIC Blog to see articles and videos from the NCFIC Road Trip which based on their original schedule should be concluding today.

Israel Wayne has a good article on the Brush Arbor site called: I Pledge Allegiance to the Flag. How many of us know the origin of the Pledge of Allegiance yet we often fight for it tooth and nail. For believers it is imperative that we know its origin and what it means as we are to truly only to pledge allegiance to God and not to any state. You can watch an interview that Kevin Swanson does with Israel Wayne on this article here or listen to it here.

As an aside I have been so busy with little time to write. But I am working on converting a study on the Trinity that I did a few years ago to a number of blog posts and hope to have they done in the next week or so.

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Devin Maddox said...

Looking forward to the Trinity study and blog posts! That topic is often overlooked or taken for granted. Hope time works out for posting it. Thanks.