Monday, August 01, 2005

Monday Meanderings

General thoughts on Theology-N-Stuff:

Well after a weekend of seeing the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Orange County, California and the United States lose two games they should have won to the Yankees one has to wonder, if one cares, what they have to or will do to win. This is the "N-Stuff" stuff.

I continue to contemplate how a professor at New Orleans seminary could so misrepresent the Doctrines of Grace, "The Future of Southern Baptists as Evangelicals"(section 4 page 12), and be in the position he is in. I am use to seeing many misunderstanding the issues at hand but a professor should be more accountable for errors. My initial feeling is to either think they are naive, uninformed or are being deceptive and for a professor none of these alternatives is very commendable. Tom Ascol at the Founders Ministry has responded quite well to the paper and to the comments from Bobby Welch; Pt.1, Pt.2, Pt.3 with an added reply by Dr. Ray Van Neste on the Founders Blog Site.

Steve Camp always has a thoughtful comment on the melding of politics with Faith and how easily politics seems to take the center stage. All to often we, for the apparent sake of a cause, will throw doctrine under the bus. I am not sure where I stand on all of the issues but Steve makes me think of much more than simply the issue of a cause.

If you have not gone there before here are a couple sites dedicated to two men of God I admire:

Jonathan Edwards & Charles Spurgeon

Well that is all for now.

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