Friday, August 12, 2005

News from the Bloggosphere

Some Recent Bloggs:

Phil Johnson's blogg wites on the move towards Open Thesism. I think the move is a natural step in the minimalizing of who God really is to making God what we would like Him to be. Once people start this move it is hard to stop and those trying to stem the tide are then labeled as backward traditionalist or worse.

In a day and age when the Gospel is forever being manipualted to so called reach a chaging culture Steve Camp writes on how Paul reached a pagan culture. All too often the the comment is made that we must make the message relvant but not water down the Gospel. But how often is this just the start to not simply a watering down but a flood.

A good blogg on the issue of Reforming Evangelism & Preparation. Evangelism incorrectly grounded will eventually lead to Evangelism that is ineffective, maybe not in numbers but in actual conversions. We forget that the cost of being a believer in the US is so low, that is a topic all to itself, that anyone may decide to "join" but when you look at many third world countries the cost is so high that those not truly believing will rarely profess faith.

The Blogg at Founders Minsitry speaks to whether we should have a controversy of conversion, speaking to seeking a regenerate membership. The fear to question ones salvation leads many to not make people deal with their standing before God. Edward's "Sinner's in the Hands of an Angry God" made his congregation truly look at themselves in relationship to God.

New blogg site, SharperIron, that I came across through Steve Camp's blogg. Good articles to ponder, well at least read.

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