Saturday, August 27, 2005

Traffic School and Sin

I just got done with a joyful day of traffic school and boy was it fun. But as I thought about what I had done wrong, not paying attention and making a right turn on red when it was not allowed, and listening to the other offences, with speeding being the flavor of the day, I thought how this related to how we all too often view sin.

While this is by far an imperfect picture it does relate how sin is sin and enough to convict us. As I heard some people who had multiple tickets and did not seem to be concerned and how others had much higher fines and more serious tickets I thought how I did not deserve to be there as they did. Is this not how people view sin, in that we rank ourselves with others and use them as our benchmark. The other side of this is that I was there with multiple offenders and first timers but the common thread was that we all broke some law and that breaking that law put us all in the same position, guilty.

So how does this relate to God? Well it is not the particular sin that sentences us but simply that it was a sin. It is not the quantity of sin but that it was a sin. Just as we had all broke a law in the court we have all sinned ( Rom 3:23 ) and we all deserve the penalty/sentence. Now this is where the picture begins to deteriorate as God’s penalty is an eternal sentence in Hell (Rom 6:23) and our penalties for breaking the traffic laws vary. I am grateful that God offers and provides the Faith to be saved and to not be the one that is penalized for our sin personally but Jesus Christ does so for those that believe (John 3:16).

I probably have to work on this picture but I do think it does say much about how we view sin and how we do not see that sin is sin and all sin leads to death.

Grace and Peace,

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