Thursday, January 19, 2006

More on the End of the Spear

Here is a link to an interview with Chad Allen on the movie End of the Spear. As has been shown over the last week or so he does see this movie as something other than it should be. Here is a section of the interview where he is asked what the movie is about:

WCT: Ultimately, what is this movie about?

CA: Love. It’s a shame that this word is almost overused, but here it involves transformation, forgiveness, passion and God.

He does not see it as a movie about God changing lives.

Also, of concern is the following:

CA: Here’s the thing: There will continue to be [ different ways of thinking ] . If our goal is for all of us to think the same, we’ve got the wrong goal. I was watching a play the other night and someone mentioned how the world is like a stained-glass window and we each have our own colors in that glass with God being the light that shines through it. That’s the way I choose to see it. I don’t need to be right; I just need to be respected.
I’ve really been heartened by the number of Christians who have said that [ homosexuality ] is not a sin and that we should just love and respect each other. Even, Pat Robertson has a link to my Web site—and it’s done in a nice way.

WCT: Is this the same Pat Robertson who said that [ Israeli Prime Minister ] Ariel Sharon’s recent stroke was a sign from God?

CA: Well, it’s his group. I’m not exactly sure who’s behind it. I couldn’t believe it, either.
So now homosexuality is moved out of the realm of sin. Yes we can and should love the person trapped in the gay lifestyle but true love will reveal it is a sin.

Also, if anyone can find the link from Pat Robertson mentioned above let me know as I did not find one. All that I found was a link on the 700 Club page to the movie and it did not deal with this subject. I was curious as to what "..done in a nice way." meant.

Again read the interview and see for yourself if this movie will further the glory of God or man.

Also, I would say that we should not forget to pray for Chad, as we should pray for all of those that are lost, that God would change his heart to see the sin he is and call on God for forgiveness. We should also take the time to relfect on our own lives as we deal with sin on a daily basis and make sure we are repenting of our own sin.

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