Wednesday, January 18, 2006

A revealing Larry King

Last Night on Larry King Live the topic was on Brokeback Mountain and gay marriage. The conversation included Al Mohler and Chad Allen. Read the transcripts, here, and you will see that Chad Allen's view that he espouses is to say that homosexuality and Christianity are compatible. Again, as I have said before you have to make the decision with regards to The End of the Spear, which Chad Allen portrays Nate and Steve Saint, for yourselves but it seems clear that the message Allen sends and promotes is that there is not an issue between Christianity and homosexuality. Actually it is just as disturbing that his form of Christianity seems to be very moldable to how each individual understands it instead of grounded in God's word alone.

Here is a section of the transcript that shows how Allen's Christianity is very syncretistic:

CALLER: Chad, by whose standard do you think that it's right to live the way you have chosen to live?

ALLEN: By the standard that I judge all of my actions. These days I judge all of my actions by my relationship with God of my understanding. It is a deep-founded, faith-based belief in God based upon the work that I've done growing up as a Catholic boy and then reaching out to Buddhism philosophy, to Hindu philosophy, to Native American beliefs and finally as I got through my course with addiction and alcoholism and finding a higher power that worked for me.

So again decide for yourslef.

I have seen numerous posts on other sites asking why homosexuality is being singled out over other sins with regards to this case. Well it is in this case the sin that is being promoted. I can tell you if the actor was a Adultery Activist, if there is such a thing, or an Activist for any other sin I would be equally vocal.


DJP said...

By "synchronistic," do you mean "syncretistic"?

This is a gnarly mess Every Tribe Entertainment has put us in, and a bad position to wish on Chad Allen. Just foolish.

Tony said...

Thanks DJP, I did get the word wrong and have fixed it. And, yes it is a mess.