Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Top 50 Most Influential Christians

I was reading a list of the TOP 50 MOST INFLUENTIAL CHRISTIANS IN AMERICA and began to wonder if it was a commentary on those that proclaim to be Christians or on the organization, and those that voted. As one looks at the list I would agree that they are influential, not necessarily for the good, but never the less influential.

What is said when person number one, T.D. Jakes, does not believe in the historic definition of the trinity. From all I have read of him and heard from him it seems clear that he side steps the issue and this would seem to be due to his apparent Oneness Pentecostalism views.

Next on the list is a man, Joel Osteen, that has proclaimed on TV and in print that he does not preach on sin, what happened to the whole council of God, and had to side step comments on Larry King where he was heard to say that Christ may not be the only way to heaven. While he did apologize and try and do damage control, and may actual not believe what he said, it becomes clear that his theology is lacking if he cannot make an easy stand on the issue of the exclusivity of Christianity.

The rest of the list includes such notables as Paul Crouch (#6), of TBN Fame, Robert Schuller (#10), Benny Hinn (#30), Creflo Dollar (#36). It is clear that the Health, Wealth, Prosperity icons are doing well and being heard. What should make us all uncomfortable is that I would agree that these people probably are influential and how they influence is not for the Glory of God but the glory of man. The list finishes with that icon of Christianity at #50, Dr. Phil, who regularly on his show lifts up the individual to be of the utmost important being.

By the way the Emergent church is well represented as well by Rob Bell (#25), Leonard Sweet (#32) and Brian Mclaren (#42).

It takes to #15 (Joni Eareckson Tada) to see a person I would consider worthy of influencing people. You then have to go to #24 (John Piper) to see one of the men that has greatly influenced me and countless others. Apart from these two I do not find much to be encouraged about. Where is John MacArthur, Albert Mohler and others. I realize that when you look closely at the list you find that to be influential you need to be on TV and then make sure that in all you do you dare not reveal to people that there is no good in them apart from Christ changing of the heart. Humanism is live and well.

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