Saturday, June 16, 2007

Around the Web and Blogosphere (6/16)

Joe Thorn writes on 5 Reasons to have Family Worship. Reason number one is that it is our responsibility as parents to train our children and not the churches, or for that matter anyone else’s. However, it seems so often that the church takes the same mindset that the government takes and that is that someone else is more capable of caring for our children that we are. We then get lazy and just accept this and hand over our duty and responsibility to someone else. Children are to be a blessing and not a curse so let’s try and live that way. Let us make family worship the norm rather than the anomaly it is n today’s church.

Matt Bullen at Blessed Family Ministries has some words from John Wesley: On Family Religion.

Tom Ascol of Founders Ministries writes on the latest SBC Annual meeting to just finish up in San Antonio: SBC-SA Wrap up: the good, the bad, and the confusing . I followed the convention to some degree over the internet and to tell the truth get more frustrated every year. Tom has tried for two years to get people to speak to his resolution regarding Integrity in Church Membership without success but the convention has no issue with pass a resolution on Global Warming. The conventions apparent desire to ignore the bloated rolls in its churches reflects a numbers mentality that is very discouraging. People speak on numbers of conversions and baptism and gain lots of applause but when the question of true conversion is brought up heads seem to turn away. Personally I think the convention is afraid that if it every tried to speak to the issue of integrity in membership and all of those that are not truly attending were purged from the numbers annually given the SBC would loose a very large number of members, who are not really there anyway. They would then no longer be the numerical force it purports itself to be and I believe this is not acceptable to the present leadership and the convention as a whole.

Check out the computer generated pictures and video of Ancient Rome put together by the University of Virginia at: Rome Reborn 1.0

Also at The Jerusalem Archeological Park you can get computer models of the Herodian Temple Mount

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