Monday, June 25, 2007

Some Random Thoughts

Just some thoughts, and I realize that some of these are generalizations:

Why does it seem that if a mother is killed while pregnant the person can be prosecuted for the death of the unborn child, and many people are, rightfully so, angry about it, but abortion is legal?

In the same line of thinking; Why does it seem that many of those that are against capital punishment think it is OK to murder (I know this is not a PC description) unborn children in the name of choice? By the way those sentenced to death made a choice as well.

Also, why is it that so many are for saving the environment but saving the unborn is a different story?

Do those that argue against legislating morality realize that all laws are some form or comment on morality?

How is it that the Dove Awards were sponsored, based on the short bit I saw on TV, by the movie Evan Almighty? What next, will it be sponsored by Oprah or Depak Chopra?

Also, why is it OK to mock the God Christians are to worship in film but if Mohammad or Allah were have the same done to them it would cause a riot? Actually this one says much about Christians that allow this to happen and actually often spend money to propagate it.

Why is the standard argument against homeschooling one that entails a complaint against socialization when the vast majority of public schooled, and many Christian schooled, kids spend inordinate amounts of time in front of TVs and video games? Now that is socialization.

On the same note, why is a standard argument for sending kids to public school that we need to evangelize the lost when the children themselves are in many cases are themselves lost? In the end the evangelizing that takes place is at our children and attempts to convert then to the secular humanistic philosophy of the world.

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